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Shéár Avory_ To Be Continued' SPECIAL
LEGACY, in partnership with Starr Busby, Ars Nova, and SoMad NYC, is thrilled to invite you to THE BLACK BEGINNING: A Black Queer Cabaret. The Black Beginning is a multidisciplinary cabaret featuring Black queer artists and performers based in New York City. Each participating artist creatively responds to the concept of “The Black Beginning,” — which could mean familial or art histories, identity formation,  the origin of the universe, or any number of other questionings and answerings.
The performance will be livestreamed on SUPRA, Ars Nova’s streaming platform, April 16th at 7pm:
“Reflections of Queer Love Pt:1” is a multimedia piece documenting the stories of queer relationships of all shapes, sizes, races, and genders. We hope that queer communities both present and future can witness these beautiful partnerships and know they are worthy of the same type of love.
Conceived by Kathryn Allison
Co-Direction by Kathryn Allison and Ashton Muñiz
Creative Consulting by Pascale Florestal
In partnership with LEGACY: A Black Queer Production Collective
LEGACY partnered with young, trans filmmaker Shéár Avory for a Zoom screening (in November 2020) and Q&A of their documentary Shéár Avory: To Be Continued, nominated for the 2021 Iris Prize.
The inaugural production of LEGACY is the visual for the debut single of artist and co-founder Basit, made by an all Black and queer team.

Concept and Choreography: Basit Shittu

Director: Garrett Allen

Co-Producer: Kyle Carrero Lopez

Co-Producer: Ashton Muñiz

Director of Photography: Yasmin Josiah

Assistant Camera: Lisa Janae

Drone and Underwater Cinematography: Ricardo Horatio Nelson

Hair and Makeup: Astarra Thorne

Styling: Basit Shittu

Costume Designer and Head of Wardrobe: Serena Tea

Wardrobe Assistant: Kyle Carrero Lopez

Editor and Colorist: Jillian Iscaro

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